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Dies ist kein Update der Libidn auf IDNA2008. Ziel ist es, mit einfachen Mitteln das IDNA2003-Mapping von Codepoints der Kategorie PVALID (RFC 5892), insbesondere also des "ß" (U+00DF; LATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP S), bei Bedarf unterdrücken zu können. Ausgangspunkt ist die Erfordernis, kurzfristig Domainnamen mit "ß" innerhalb der DE-Zone verabeiten zu können.

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While customizing my mt blog, I was wondering how to abbreviate long entry titles on particular places in a nice way. Well, mt provides template tag modifiers such as trim-to, but my aim was to do it more nicely, i.e. replacing anything behind the first three (or any other maximum) words by an ellipsis. For instance,

"more than three words"
should be shortened to
"more than three ..."
while a three-word-sentence should remain as it is.

The solution is a simple regex, of course. In Perl style,

s/ˆ(\S+(?:\s+\S+){2})(\s+\S+)+/$1 .../
does the job, because it doesn't match on three words or less. Equivalently, within mt template tags:
<$mt:EntryTitle regex_replace="/ˆ(\S+(?:\s+\S+){2})(\s+\S+)+/","$1&ensp;&hellip;"$>

did they change their api or what? did I miss something? 8-{

Today my good old paypal ipn script failed to post back to in order to verify a payment notification as usual. Strange! They said:

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

It seems they are expecting the payment parameter as a GET query now,while I sent data by POST until now. It worked fine until yesterday. Urgh, it's about money, so I've to check this out promptly. :(

Well, my script is too old and too simple to handle 301 automatically, but fortunately it's clever enough to report the error.