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Dies ist kein Update der Libidn auf IDNA2008. Ziel ist es, mit einfachen Mitteln das IDNA2003-Mapping von Codepoints der Kategorie PVALID (RFC 5892), insbesondere also des "ß" (U+00DF; LATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP S), bei Bedarf unterdrücken zu können. Ausgangspunkt ist die Erfordernis, kurzfristig Domainnamen mit "ß" innerhalb der DE-Zone verabeiten zu können.

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Wie immer, wenn etwas immer größer und komplizierter wird, zeichnet sich ein Trend zur Lokalisierung ab. Das Internet ist ein topologischer Raum, der so hochdimensional geworden ist, dass man ihn nur noch als Überdeckung eines unfassbaren Etwas durch lokale Landkarten erklären kann. Das Kraftwerk der Globalisierung sehnt sich heute nach Semantik, sucht soziale Kontakte und organische Strukturen.Es möchte den Menschen nahe sein, ihre Gegend kennen und ihren Dialekt sprechen.

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Lately, while snooping around within old coding stuff, I rediscovered an ancient treasure: the PostScript programming language. It's older than dirt and situated deep down under the bottom of Adobe's PDF technology. Intended to be an efficient and highly flexible printer instruction language, it's actually a Turing-complete programming language, based on a very clear and suprisingly simple stack-oriented concept, outputting geometric results to suitable devices.

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Indeed, it is! Accidentally, while testing some random stuff against my IDN validation function, I found out that the word


is the result of the Punycode Algorithm applied to the Unicode sequence

U+37F0 U+37E6 U+37F3 U+37EE U+37EC U+37E0.

These are 6 chinese characters from the CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A block. I've never seen before that Punycode results in any meaningful word and I think this is an extremely rare case. So I couldn't help myself to register both and immediately.

I've no idea what to do with it yet - we'll see :)

The discovery was announced on first.

With it's 3.5 extensions, the .NET framework started to turn into a really cool looking programming concept, last but not least due to the syntactic sugar of LINQ. A reason for that is surely it's functional look. Well, as LINQ is integrated into an imperative context, it won't be ever able to guarantee state-free evaluation as a genuine functional language does. Nevertheless it's worth to discuss and play around with a few aspects of it in terms of a multiple programming paradigm concept.

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AutoSmileys is an easy to use and highly customizable macro environment for Movable Type. It will replace self-defined text abbreviations by image tags when your site is published or dynamically rendered, respectively. It may be applied either within entries, comments, pages, or any other part of your site.

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